Mansfields Win Endeavor Manufacturing Award

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Contract Dry Food manufacturer Mansfields and their IT partner Infomotion have won the 2015 Endeavor Award for IT Applications.

The Endeavor Awards recognize and celebrate Australian Manufacturing Best Practice, Innovation and Excellence.

The Endeavor IT Application Award acknowledges unique and cost effective IT applications that make a significant and positive impact on the business in terms of efficiency, cost management & productivity.

Mansfields and Infomotion created and implemented a customized ERP system which featured a new Quality Assurance Program that linked directly into the system’s Manufacturing and Finance Platforms.

This meant that Mansfields customer base which is made up of multinational brands and large supermarket businesses had direct access to very accurate and fast production information which complimented their own internationally accredited quality systems in terms of traceability and productivity.

The Mansfields team can now see production information to the quantities, time batch usage and material information on a “live” basis which for Food Manufacturing anywhere in the world is cutting edge systems technology!